Affiliate Marketing And Blogging. The more you know.

If you would like to learn more about Affiliate Marketing And Blogging as well as more ideas for Remote Work Jobs At Home, I would love to offer you a free starter membership to an educational platform where you can learn all about these kinds of things. Like how to get your blog or website indexed and show up on google.

Affiliate Marketing And Blogging

Getting a website to be indexed and show up on google is the easy part. Hell even getting a website to rank on Google isn’t even all that difficult these days, if you have a basic understanding of SEO. It might surprise you though, to find out how difficult it can be to rank on the first page of google.


It is like asking “When is the best time to plant a tree?” The answer is 2o years ago. The next best time is now. Getting ranked on the first page of Google takes time. And it takes consistency. Just like building relationships with people, it takes a certain level of trust.


Affiliate Marketing and Blogging

I know when first started out in the online space I started blogging and I had know intention of doing it to make any kind of profit. Blogging was something that was a lot more, well, therapeutic. Like a online journey. A place that I could word vomit in the form of written word, my thoughts in digital form.


I actually have transitioned from several blogs over the years. My first first one was called Mindshift Plus Daily Habits Equals Progress. And I thought that it sounded so cool! Largely influenced by a YouTube video of Tony Robbins. Then it was Dopeless Not Hopeless. Which I thought and still think was a pretty clever name for a blog and brand.


I sold a handful of Tshirts and that was pretty cool. But every months I paid much more for the hosting of the site then I ever made off of the site.

Affiliate Marketing

So then I hear about Affiliate marketing. The definition that Oxford Languages would say is “A marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.”  This can be an insanely lucrative thing to get into if you have a blog and brand that already has a big audience base.


Or even if you are just starting out and are super consistent about creating content and getting it in front of the people who are already interesting in whatever it is that you are creating content talking about.

As An Example Of Affiliate Marketing

My live-in girlfriend Alexandra and I have been talking a lot about meal prep lately. Something that we have been talking about is purchasing a Vacuum sealer. If we became super passionate about this product that we found on, let’s say Amazon.

And I have a website, , I also have a couple of different bloggers on that site that blog regularly, but my personal blog is called PepTalks, and I have a pretty regular audience there.


As a blogger, I might leverage my existing audience, and I could tell them all about my new Vacuum sealer that has totally changed my life, offer them the affiliate link that I have created because I have become an affiliate with amazon.


As a result of the relationship that I have developed with my audience over the years, people that know, like, and trust me, might also want to purchase one of these cool Vacuum sealers. I would be able to make a commission off the sale of that purchase.


Niche-Specific Affiliate Marketing and blogging

Or I might just get so passionate about meal prepping that I might make a blog about it. I could create a whole blog with content that is being created to help people learn how to meal prep in a way similar to the way that I meal prep. In that case, I could create content that is designed to be put in front of people who are looking for that particular topic online line in search engines like Google or Bing.


Affiliate Marketing And Blogging


  • Sue Pine says:

    You are right – Dopeless Not Hopeless is a pretty clever name for a blog and brand.  Blogging is something I like to do, but affiliate marketing seems like it would be easier to monetize.  I’m new to both, so I thank you for your article.  It was very helpful. I appreciate the insights.

    • Dawayne Perza says:

      I definitely thought so as well! I am a very big fan of blogging as well. I have been doing it for years. It has been so therapeutic! And I think the main motivation shouldn’t be about the money of course. But more so about solving a problem for people if it is at all possible. Even affiliate marketing is about putting something, that a person wants or needs, in front of them.

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