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February 20, 2021 0 By Dawayne Perza

In Todays blog I am going to be talking about how to sell on amazon for beginners! Amazon says that it’s no secret that they obsess over their customers. There is a good reason for that. The more value you can add to someone’s life, the more likely they are going to value you as a person, or as a company.

Amazon Prime? I can order something and it’s on my front step in 2 days and sometimes less. Talk about blowing the competitors out of the water.

Whether you have a product that you are already selling and in essence competing with Amazon, or you are just looking into ways of selling a product that you have been working on, or you are just flat out curious, this “How To Sell On Amazon For Beginners” blog is for you!

Why Would You Want to Sell On Amazon? Here are 3 reasons.

  1. Amazon has active customers in more than 180 countries. 300 million active customers to be more precise.
    It just wouldn’t make sense to not tap into that network of customers. Wouldn’t you agree?
  2. You might not realize this but there 195 million unique visitors to every single month. And that is only the visitors from the United States.
  3. Do you know the dollar amount of sales (by businesses that sell on Amazon) during Prime Day 2018? $1.5 billion. I haven’t seen the numbers for this year just yet but you can be sure that this pandemic has had a profound impact.

Are You A Hobbyist Or A Professional Merchant?

Today, tens of millions of customers around the world are shopping on Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to sell your crafts online or a professional merchant looking to reach customers across the globe, setting up your business on Amazon gives you access to a customer base that is massive!

There two plan options. And we are going to talk about those two options. Think of it as the rate for a hobbyist and the next tier up would be something more premium.

  1. Individual. (Hobbyist) $0.99/Sold Item
  2. Professional. (Premium) $39.99/month

Individual. (Hobbyist)

I say Hobbyist above here in the Subtitle, but maybe it’s not even really a hobby. Maybe it’s all very custom-made items that you are planning on selling? I know that I do some spray paint art occasionally and I don’t see myself at any point in the near future having a sellable monthly portfolio of art pieces that would be over 40 Items.

Although that wouldn’t be impossible. I just know myself, It would be a stretch for me to attempt to make even 30 art pieces of that sort in one month.  I also have a friend who does some pretty amazing wood and epoxy art. (CHECK THAT OUT HERE) Or the Image below.

How To Sell On Amazon For Beginners

He is limited to how many of these bad boys he can make in a month. For him to go with a professional plan right away, it just wouldn’t make sense. Going with an individual plan would serve him best. At least right now while he is in this current situation. But down the road, he may be able to invest in a larger shop and produce a lot more of these art pieces.

Professional. (Premium)

Now here we have the professional (Or Premium if you will) plan. $39.99 Makes sense for people Who are producing things on a large scale. Let’s say you read my Sell Custom Printed Products blog, and you took some of that to heart. And you have created an amazing business doing that.

You already know that you can sell your products and people want them. Now you have a nice little nest egg that you are wanting to reinvest into your business. It has been nice not having to have an inventory in stock, and not having to worry about storing that inventory anywhere. But you are ready to expand.

You could purchase a larger inventory, get the Amazon professional plan for $39.99, and sell as many of your custom printed products as you want. This is the kind of thing that you would want to not lose out on profits by paying $0.99 for every item sold.

What You’ll need to register

  1. Bank account number and bank routing number (Standarn way of being paid.)
  2. Chargeable credit card (Standard way of paying for plan fees)
  3. Government issued national ID (So that they can track your every move. JK JK to verify identity)
  4. Tax information (Paying taxes proudly)
  5. Phone number (standard rates apply)

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I am not being paid to promote this How To Sell On Amazon For Beginners Blog

I just want to add as much value to my audience as I can. There will be times where I am actively promoting things without shame. But this one is really just for you. Yes, you. I hope that you find the most amazing opportunities to make a side income or just additional streams of income.

It is such a strange time that we are living in. More and more people are spending their money online. And if I can help even one person create an additional stream of income then I have accomplished the goal that I have set out here on this website.

To learn more about selling on Amazon beyond what we have talked about here on the How To Sell On Amazon For Beginners blog, we would recommend snagging the E-book

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