Want to make money reviewing products or services?

February 27, 2021 8 By Dawayne Perza

Want to make money reviewing products or services? You absolutely can. But it is going to take writing successful reviews. Want to know how to make money reviewing products or services?

A successful review may be a life-saver for customers and can make all of the difference between a customer who will return and one who will drive on. You and your audience can benefit.

Written by a real expert (me), this guide will help you create awesome content for your blog, using the CIAO formula . (A trick that I learned from some marketing gurus)


All reviews, whether they’re reviews written for your website, or for a famous car manufacturer like Tesla, need to capture the interest of the reader. Unfortunately, a lot of reviews fail to do this. The companies who produce them fail to realize that many potential buyers are enthusiasts like themselves. If they fail to ignite passion in the reader, they fail completely.


For anyone who wants to increase the number of positive and meaningful reviews, or improve the conversion rate of visitors, capturing your audience’s interest at all times is absolutely key. Everyone needs to be on their A-game when it comes to communicating with their ideal customers.


If you are wanting to make money reviewing products or services, then you are going to have to look at and view yourself as a business owner. Today, your website (or even social media platform) is your main way of communication with customers interested in your business (the review of the product or service). This means you are constantly writing for your soul mate customers.


Conceptually it is pretty simple. If you don’t capture your soul mate customer’s attention then you haven’t captured their interest. Captivating content goes beyond the boring, and basic facts. Captivating content has an allure that resonates with your soul mate customers.

make money reviewing products


Do you know what your soul mate customers want? Or make that, do you know what they actually NEED? Chances are, you have a good idea of what’s important to them. You provide them with excellent content and give them the information they need to solve their problems.


However, at some point in the buying process, they might start to wonder if it makes sense to purchase from your site. If this happens, then it’s likely that they weren’t given enough information to make a purchasing decision.



Whether you realize it or not, people are going to leave your site if you fail to give them enough information to make a purchasing decision.


A well-written blog post is not only informative but also persuasive. If you’re thinking about writing for business purposes, you should know that a good blog post is one of the best ways for growing your business. Your job is to give your audience just enough so that they become pre-sold on your product or service, and then get them to make the purchase.

After all, if the goal is to convert shoppers into buyers, why would you give away all your secrets? Instead, you want to exploit the power of curiosity and intrigue. By keeping secrets about your product away from the competition you will be able to direct traffic naturally rather than relying on “paid” traffic…



While it’s important, to be honest in your reviews, it’s also incredibly important for them to be accurate. If you have a review with incorrect information, there is a possibility that future visitors will leave with a bad taste in their mouth, regarding your review of the product or service and you and your business in general.


There might be people out there that are making up reviews just to make themselves look good. This is not what you should be doing. In fact, if your review is based on lies, then your review can get removed from the site it’s posted on.


There’s nothing wrong with talking up the product/service in a review – after all if it was really that good, and someone trusts that then follows through they are going to see how accurate it actually is.


To research a product myself, I like to use a combination of the below sources. I find it is best to be able to substantiate by actually trying something before making a recommendation or writing about it.

  1. Your own product experience (This is obviously the best way! Your experience can make you money)
  2. Researching it on the product website or sales channels
  3. Forums and online discussion platforms (using screenshots can be helpful)
  4. Communicating directly with others that have tried it
  5. Youtube, Vimeo, and other video platforms (there is sooo much content on these platforms!)
  6. Through other bloggers and industry authority websites


If you want to make a splash and stand out, your content will need to be unique. It needs to reflect your opinion and your perspective. But it also needs to be filled with valuable advice that other people like you would want to read. Your goal is for them to not only read it but to take action.

There are a plethora of blog posts on why your blog post needs to have an opinion and by opinion, I don’t mean being rude to your audience. There are different colors of the word opinionated – arrogance, rudeness, outspokenness, dickishness, edginess.


How you come off to your audience is everything that counts. The only thing that matters here is getting what you want across and this does not mean yelling at your readers or bashing others one product/service over another.

There you have it, folks! Tips on how to make money reviewing products or services

There you have it folks “CIAO”

It isn’t impossible to make money reviewing services or products. Sure it’s hard, but it’s possible! If you want to work from home, this is a way of making pretty good money doing it. It won’t be an overnight ordeal either just to be clear. There are many resources that will help you learn about gaining an audience online, and I think it’s best to start at the beginning.

With a website.

If you can earn while you learn, that would be ideal, but it’s not as common.

If you are interested in learning more about what it would take to gain traction online, getting free traffic please join me on the education platform that I have used.

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