Sell on Facebook! But what to sell on Facebook marketplace?

February 25, 2021 0 By Dawayne Perza

So you need some fast cash? Skip the Pawnshops. Sell on Facebook marketplace. Are you thinking “Dawayne, I just said that I needed some fast cash.” There is a method to my madness my friends! Just hang with me for a sec. Ask yourself “What to sell on Facebook marketplace?”


“What to sell on Facebook marketplace?”


I am going to give you 5 things, that you can sell, that could make you money immediately.

“What to sell on Facebook marketplace?” 5 answers below.

what to sell on Facebook marketplace

Got $20 in your pocket? Go to the thrift store.

(Please don’t pop the tags lol)


I want you to hop on google and type in “Thiftstore Near me” go down the line and call all of them. Ask them if they have things like books, records, maybe kitchen appliances, and even compu

ter monitors. Things like that. You can then ask them their price ranges for those things.


Make sure you have a paper and pen handy and make some notes for what each place has in stock. As well as the price points. Then hop over to Facebook Marketplace (< will take you directly to FB Marketplace) and then search for all of the items that you wrote down from calling around to thrift stores. Depending on where you live, the standard prices of those things will vary.

From your notes about the price points from the thrifts stores, find out the least expensive items, and compare the prices on Facebook Marketplace. Try to find the ones with the highest profit margins. (this will be much easier after you actually go to the thrift stores and find out the exact numbers and condition of the items.)


Personally, I really enjoy finding books that are in good condition. My girlfriend and I read pretty frequently, and she has bought loads of books on Facebook Marketplace. You might be surprised by your luck when reselling books. As long as they are in good condition. Most thrift store employees aren’t taking the time to research all of the books that get brought in. Some of them are straight gold mines!


what to sell on Facebook marketplace

Have you heard the Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle saying?


I am sure that you have. With all the global warming and what not and then there’s the Bipolar weather here in Idaho, which is probably a byproduct of global warming as well but what do I know I am not a doctor. (hahaha)


But no no seriously there is a point. It might blow your mind how much stuff is giving away for free on Facebook Marketplace. Always keep an eye on the free section. My girlfriend and I found this super amazing lounge chair on there for free. We had to chair it down 5 flights of stairs. But later we found out it was a $1200 chair!


Sometimes people are just wanting to get rid of stuff because they need more space or they just bought a newer version of whatever the thing is. Why not be the person who benefits from it? We could resell that chair easily for a couple of hundred dollars. (But I love it too much! It’s soooo comfy!)


I know I said skip the pawnshops, but here’s the thing.


Have you seen those glass boxes of electronics at some of the pawnshops? Or the areas with all of the auto audio speakers and other equipment? You won’t always find a killer deal at pawnshops but sometimes you will totally luck out! I have bought and sold a few podcasting mics and GoPros and things like that when they have big store sales deals.


I think that pawnshops have a pretty good thing going for themselves. They offer people way less money than a thing is worth because whoever is doing the selling needs the money. But it is pretty often that the pawnshop ends up reselling whatever the thing is for more money.


You could do the same thing essentially. Covid has made more online shoppers than ever. And pawnshops are discounting their inventory.


Why not help out a local business while you also reap the rewards. You get to put items that people what right in front of them. It’s a win win win.


What about reselling desks, filing cabinets, and bookshelves?


There is this place here in Boise called The Second Chance Building Materials Center. They sell all kinds of things like that. I have bought a handful of things from there. I have sanded them down and repainted them. They are what make up my office furniture for the most part. Minus a few odds and ends in here.


We have a shelf/ cupboard in our kitchen that I totally pieced together myself. I think the who thing cost me like $4 with all the parts. Not including the paint that I used. Although that was paint I already had. I have found things like this on Facebook Marketplace for upwards of $50-$100. I am pretty sure that I could sell a lot of things that I have pieced together for way way more than it cost me to put together.


That can be a bit more tricky though. I have a mind for that kind of thing. Not to mention I have a bunch of the tools and things. Building up a toolset can be kind of costly. But well worth the investment in the long run.


what to sell on Facebook marketplace

That brings me to the last but not least idea!


Take all of these kinds of places. Thrift stores, pawnshops, and even Facebook Marketplace. Look for tools! All kinds of tools. I am going to make you a list.

  • A toolboxes ( For all of the tools of course)
  • Screwdrivers (Phillips and flat head, Multibit Screwdriver)
  • Drills (corded or battery powered)
  • Sanders
  • Hammers
  • Tape measures
  • Ducktape (Just for good measure)
  • Pliers (tongue and grove, slip joint, needle nose. Those kind)
  • Adjustable wrenches
  • Utility knives
  • Socket sets


There are just a few! But look for all of those things. And throw together toolboxes. Do me a favor, hop on Facebook Marketplace, and just search for tools. And then decide your prices. There are good tools out there that people just have no reason to own. You can put them in front of people that want them!


These ideas of what to sell on Facebook marketplace


Whether you are heading down to the thrift store or taking advantage of the free section on the Facebook marketplace, I hope that you have found some of these ideas on what to sell on Facebook marketplace to be helpful!


I also want to just throw out there that not too long ago I wrote about  Selling Custom Printed Products. I would take a look at that opportunity as well. You could definitely sell some of your own custom printed products right there on the Facebook Marketplace as well. But you would have to have the inventory.