Why not write some “How to ebooks”? You could be the authority.

March 23, 2021 19 By Dawayne Perza

Are you the authority on a topic? Why not write some how to ebooks? How cool would that be? “Hey Dawayne, What do you do for a living?” and then I could reply something like “Oh I just write how to ebooks on XYZEN”

But seriously I am going to be working on some of my own “How to ebooks” here soon. And I am going to tell you all about this software that I have found recently called “Sqribble“, Personally, I am not a big fan of the name. It seems a bit cartoony. But I also have been checking out this software and to be perfectly honest I am getting so excited!


And it’s not just for “How to Ebooks”

It might just be the way that you and I both get our feet in the door of becoming an author! It is going to be a great opportunity for us to inspire, educate, and entertain our friends and family, and many more! It might be the thing that we use to generate more leads and sales and raving fans!

Want to increase your credibility?

Having a product, like an ebook that adds value, is a sure-fire way of increasing credibility. But not having a background in graphic design shouldn’t be the thing that stops us. I don’t know about you but I am not the best writer, I have a very conversational writing style. But if our writing style is the style that helps even just one person to change the world, then that is our responsibility.


What’s the advantage of using software like Sqribble?

It is software that helps people make Ebooks On Demand. There are 50 Hot Templates and 300 Style Layouts, and we are not limited by the number of pages we can create. And not to mention we can use these ebooks as free gifts or we can sell them from our own personal websites if we wanted to.

How to ebooks

So you just read some of the advantages of Sqribble. But Why?

Well, you won’t find anything that is easier to use. Flat out. There are 15 premade niche categories. They even have some AI Auto Content Writer options and if you haven’t used any AI stuff I would highly suggest it. They give you access to a commercial license. Which might not seem like all the big of a deal. But it is. Trust me.

  • Easy To Use. Simple to use software with easy point and click technology.
  • Stunning Designs. 50 templates to select from in 15 popular niche categories.
  • 60 Second Creation. Create amazing ebooks, reports and whitepapers in minutes.
  • Instant Content. Skip writing anything with our automated content engine.
  • Commercial License. Sell designs as your own and keep 100% of the profits.
  • Agency Website. Includes portfolio to impress your potential clients with. (I just want to throw this out there. I would love to help you put together your own website and help put the education in front of you to create a sustainable online business. Check this out )
  • Amazing Sqribble Demo

No installation required.


is compatible
on all computers.

Step 1

Pick A Template
Choose from 50 eye-grabbing designs
across 15 profitable niche categories!

Each template comes with table of contents and
professional page layouts that convert
readers into buyers!


Add Instant Content
Don’t have time to create content? Just enter a URL and watch Sqribble automatically fill your pages
with fresh, ready-made content!

You can also fill your ebook with a selection of 1,000 instant niche articles from our built-in content engine
at a push of a single button!

Upload your own Word File, then sit back as Sqribble automatically extracts the content from the document
and puts it straight into your new eBook.

Feeling creative? Start from scratch and write the content yourself, or copy and paste content directly
into your pages instead.


Customize & Publish
Pick a color theme and customize. Then add, delete or edit pages, headlines, images, paragraphs, text blocks,
dividers, buttons, and links, features, bullet lists or call to action areas…

Hit “Generate” and you’re done!
In about 60 seconds you’ve just created an eye-grabbing, trust building eBook that’s ready to sell online… or give away
to build your list faster than ever before!

(Photoshop (or other expensive software) is NOT required to design your eBooks! This is an online-cloud based software that was developed to be extremely simple to use.)

Never again will you have to… Waste hours searching for a “good” designer on freelance sites. Wait 5 – 14 days for the designer to come back only to hate it. Spend $100 – $500 per design template from stock websites. Lose hours writing all the content from scratch. Burn $250 – $650 hiring a freelance writer online. Get frustrated because it’s taking forever.